Daily Reads: What the World Will Speak

If you are a badge-carrying member of the Grammar Police like me, then you likely spend a lot of time tsktsk-ing over the apparent dumbing down of English. While a misused comma or improperly chosen homophone can still cause my whole body to clench up, I’ve become more relaxed about language use over the past few years. This article by John H. Mcwhorter in the Wall Street Journal discusses language change and points out that it is an inevitable process. It’s a fascinating read and will help those of you who still argue over things like the use of the Oxford comma.

What the World Will Speak in 2115

2 Comments Daily Reads: What the World Will Speak

  1. Ben

    Curious: is modern English a dumbed-down version of old english? If so, when can I hear you speak like Chaucer writes? 😀

  2. Ranthropologist

    Ha! I wouldn’t call it a “dumbed-down” version of old English; I’d just say it’s evolved! 😉 And you will NEVER hear me speak the way Chaucer writes! I don’t think I can!


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