I’m Back and Rantier Than Ever!

After a hiatus of several months following the crash and complete loss of the blog, I’m back with a new format and lots of new ideas. I’m not completely done reloading all my old posts, but I’m getting there. Please explore the new setup and get ready for more regular posts. At the very least, I plan to start posting articles that I think are worth sharing to the blog instead of on my Facebook page. There will still be notifications on FB that I’ve posted, but the articles themselves will only be here on Ranthropologist. That way if people don’t want to see it or read it they don’t have to.

I’d love it if my readers (all two of them – Hi Ma and Hil!) would comment directly on my posts rather than on the link in Facebook. This is where I want to make things happen, so please read here, comment here, share me with your friends, and let me know what you think.

Happy 2015!

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